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Insurance, Finances and Cosmic Credits

Starship Pediatric Dentistry is always happy to meet new cadets, families, and alien species. We want you to be as prepared as possible for your first visit with us. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. Remember, the crew are all honest and nice people who are trying their best to help. Just be cool and levelheaded as you can during conversation as we genuinely want to help. Please do not yell or curse at us when discussing matters as it will lead to your unfortunate dismissal. For more specifics and details, please see our Financial Policy Agreement in our enlistment form package. We look forward to welcoming you to The Molar Brigade!

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At Starship Pediatric Dentistry, we are graciously in-network PPO providers for the following insurances listed below. If you do not see your insurance below, they may provide out-of-network benefits to help allow you to fly with us. We will gladly assist you in submitting insurance claims or running pre-treatment estimates by request.  

As a warning, you may have been downgraded without your knowledge or perhaps your director of human resources has changed plans without telling you. To minimize confusion, we strongly encourage you to check with your individual carrier both before enlisting and annually to make sure your information is up to date. Unfortunately, we are not plugged into a non-existent matrix that automatically alerts us of these changes. Communication of these matters with our crew before arriving for launch will minimize turbulence during your flight. 

Dental insurance is a complicated nebula of ever-changing vectors. It does not cover all dental procedures and can have random frequencies and perplexing limitations in a calendar year. Your dental insurance should be thought of as a valuable cosmic credit to ease the burden of dental care whether you’re in-network or not. Individual benefits are based on what your employer has decided to cover from a cost-benefit analysis and not what is necessarily needed or recommended by a licensed professional.

You are ultimately responsible for the payment of services rendered. We are not affiliated with the Banking Guild and thus, cannot provide a line of credit for your debt. For your convenience, we do accept cash, personal checks, debit cards, and most major credit cards.


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At Starship Pediatric Dentistry, we make an honest attempt to accommodate your time and schedule. As parents ourselves, we are aware that things called academia, after-school sports and tap dance class do exist in the outer reaches of space. Please alert us to any time restrictions you have before you arrive to your launch to determine if we can assist. If our operating hours don’t work for your family’s needs, we will help to facilitate transfer to another dental station.  

It’s not fun being strapped into your chair waiting to be blasted into the cosmos for what seems to be an eternity. To ensure things run smoothly, we request that you make every effort possible to be on time for your child’s launch window. If too much time has passed before you arrive, it will not be safe to blast-off and we will have to reschedule your mission.


Your boarding time is reserved exclusively for you.  Rocket fuel is expensive and there are many cadets who want to reach Nebula 9. Please hold your appointment in the highest regard. Emergencies and sudden illness happen, but anti-gravity lacrosse practice or ‘we forgot’ are not viable excuses the day of to cancel your mission. Your family’s battalion will be charged $50 for each broken appointment that is not cancelled by 12:00p the day before. Multiple infractions will be logged to your permanent record and could be cause for dishonorable discharge.  

Despite arriving on time or even early, we acknowledge that you may still be held in our waiting bay. This is often because we are assisting other visitors with unforeseen emergencies or needs during their re-entry.  The command deck assures you they will be with your cadet as quickly as possible. We provide access to entertainment, free wi-fi and clean facilities to void waste to make your down time as pleasant as possible.

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