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Pediatric Dentistry in Madison, NJ

Greetings. You have made contact with Starship Pediatric Dentistry docked in Madison, New Jersey. We provide specialized dentistry for children and adolescents in an intergalactic “child-friendly” environment. As pediatric dentists, we focus on preventive care, honesty, empathy and practical thinking to help each child grow a healthy smile while having an “out of this world” experience. We serve infants, children, teens and Martians in Madison, Morristown, Summit, Chatham, Morris Plains, Hanover, Whippany, Florham Park and the Milky Way.

Find Out What Makes Us Out Of This World

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What Parents Back on Earth are Saying

Dr. Sky is such an amazing dentist! My children love him so much and they have been with him since 2010. We used to go to his Staten Island clinic and when we moved in Georgia, we will always come back for my children routine check up whenever we visit our family in NY. No matter how far his clinic, its worth enough going to a dentist who goes above and beyond! The manner of treating kids is exceptional! He knows how to deal well with his patients. In addition , he is the kind of dentist that you will trust because he will only do what is really necessary. Likewise, he will assist you in any ways with your financial issues. I can only say besides being the best dentist ever, his clinic in Madison NJ is awesome! And the whole staff there are super nice, friendly and wonderful! And his treats are extra special too!

Katharine M.
Great place. My son loves the decor and sometimes the toys are really great. I think that is what draws the little one towards the place. Things are different now during covid but we still love the care we get!

Karolina I.
This was our first trip to Starship Dentistry. My daughter gets very nervous about new doctors and dentists and I was worried all day about how it would go. They staff is super friendly and they made my daughter feel so comfortable and at ease. I would highly recommend this office for anyone looking for a pediatric dentist. They are top notch!

Rebecca N.
My daughter, Emma, feels very comfortable at this dentist office. The dentists and techs have always been very kind and gentle with my daughter. I appreciate the staff here and all their efforts in creating a safe space for kids to receive good dental care. Thanks

Brigid S.
Their service, from support team members to the physician’s, is legit “to infinity & beyond”!! My son has been going here since he had teeth and I plan to bring him until he gets too big for their exam chairs!! This isn’t your ordinary trip to the dentist...there isn’t a nasty receptionists nor a ridiculous wait time. They have hours that accommodate working families and, the children don’t even feel they are at the dentist...they are at the “space ship”!! I highly recommend this practice to any family - I drive an hour to each appointment and it’s well worth the time and tolls paid!

Eryn G.
This place is magical. My 6 year old has had a bunch of dental work there over the past 6 months including an extraction (not fun) yet he still loves this dentist and was bummed that he didn’t have an appointment today like his brother. I brought my 3 year old for his first dentist appointment today and it couldn’t have gone smoother - no crying or fussing. Dr. G creates an environment where the kids and parents are comfortable. My kids literally can’t wait to come back, which is not something I ever thought I’d say about a pediatric dentist!

Kelly N.
The facility at Starship is amazing. My kids love to go to the dentist. The hygienists are very patient and get the kids in and out. I have had great experiences with both Drs. Jen and Dr. Sky. My 5 year old daughter had the start of cavities and instead of jumping to fill them, Dr. Sky took time to explain my options and try some preventative medicine first. He was patient and caring in everything he did.

Laura H.

Why Choose a
Pediatric Dentist?

Pediatric dentists have 2-3 years of additional, specialized training to care for young children and adolescents. From the first tooth to adolescence, we help your child develop a healthy smile and manage situations that are unique only to children.

Our office is designed to ease nervous children (and their parents!) with a kid-friendly out-of-this-world atmosphere. We take extra time to understand the personality of each child and our team works hard to accommodate every personality – from talkative to shy.

At Starship Pediatric Dentistry, we can’t wait for you to beam aboard. Once you step in the door you’ll realize what sets us apart from others.

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